nijel moh newOn May 11, 1996 I unveiled my 16 foot tall bronze statue, the Mother of Humanity®.  It was my statement of peace within the human family as well as a symbol of empowerment for mothers around the world.  The face of the Mother of Humanity® has  African, Asian, and European features.  She is holding a feather of peace, truth and righteousness in her right hand.  Her left hand is extended in a gesture of welcome, calling all peoples of the world together as one human family.  Her right breast is bare to remind us that we have all nursed at the breast of the African woman.  It also calls us to explore that as the cradle of civilization, nations around the world still continue to nurse on the raw and strategic minerals from the African continent.  The left foot on the Mother of Humanity® monument steps forward on the globe of the world and indicates that with our heart being on the left side of the body, we should always step forward with “heart” and “righteous intent”. The dot on the forehead of the Mother of Humanity® reminds us of our “third eye” of inner vision and spiritual wisdom.  The outline of the shape of the Mother of Humanity® is in the shape of the continent of Africa, birthplace of humanity.  The Mother of Humanity® derives her name from the poem “Original Woman” by Robert Watt.

Moher of Humaniy® monument


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