Keys to the Legend

The idea behind the Mother of Humanity® monument is to remind us of a mother’s loving kindness by inspiring, informing, and uplifting mothers, women, and children. The Mother of Humanity® monument seeks to accomplish this by advancing seven principles that are represented in her design.

These principles are:

  1.  Promote peace, speak truth, and guide with righteousness as symbolized by the feather in her right hand.
  2. Acknowledge sovereign and natural resources of all mothers and of the mother continent Africa as symbolized by her bared right breast.
  3. Promote a reverence and respect for Mother Africa, the cradle of civilization, symbolized by the outline of the continent of Africa  that is contained within the shape of the Mother of Humanity® Monument.
  4. Work towards a higher consciousness and inner vision as symbolized by the dot on her forehead which represents the pineal gland, often called the “third eye”.
  5. Welcome the human family and all sentient beings, with a mother’s compassion and understanding as symbolized by her open left hand.
  6. Have the heart and the courage to take strong, righteous, and fearless action as symbolized by her left foot stepping forward.
  7. Work to heal through charitable activities for women, children, and elders in Africa, America, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Spain, and around the world.

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