The Mother of Humanity® monument is proposed as a 313 foot (95 meter) tall observation tower/monument that will enter the global leisure and tourist industry. The Mother of Humanity® is the sculpture of an African woman, standing on the world while holding a feather of peace in her right hand and extending her left hand in a gesture of welcome. When completed, the sculpture will become the tallest bronze monument in Africa. The Mother of Humanity® monument is the only monument in the world to celebrate humanity’s origin and migration out of Africa. It will be a gift from the Sons and Daughters of Humanity™/ America to the people of Africa.

The base of the observation tower/monument is a three tier cylindrical building. Each ascending tier is smaller in diameter than the one below. Upon entering the building visitors are led to the reception and ticket counter. There they can purchase entry to the various attractions, shops, or restaurants on the first and second floors as well as to the skywalk and observation tower on the 22nd and 29th floors. On the first floor, visitors will find two atrium gardens. Much like plazas, civic squares, or traditional African village communities, these atria offer space within the Mother of Humanity® monument for interaction. With lush landscaping they support the idea of community along with restaurants, coffee shops and retail stores. Also on the first floor is the major attraction of museums and displays related to the Mother of Humanity® monument. The museum opens out into retail shops that offer Mother of Humanity® related souvenir items produced locally and from around the world. A 200 seat theater is operated on the first floor with balcony space extending to the second floor. Access to the third floor is restricted for VIP guest quarters, security operations and administrative offices.

The levels above the three tier base open out to the interior of the globe. Inside the globe, on the 4th floor is the control center of the tower. At this level operational machinery regulates and maintains vital functions within the overall observation tower/monument. Here, computer and calibration devices perform instant monitoring and analysis of changes within the structure itself. Also located on this floor is a full kitchen that caters to the patrons of the restaurant and for guests in the VIP rooms. Floors 5 through 8 inside the globe will be offered as office space or guest quarters to visiting dignitary and VIP. The rooms feature 5 star hotel style accommodations and services and makes this one of the highlights of the Mother of Humanity® monument experience. The next stop is the 22nd floor which leads to the “sky walk” for visitors who dare to stand on a shock proof glass floor and look 22 floors to the ground below. The last stop on the Mother of Humanity® experience is the observation tower on the 29th floor. Here visitors and tourists are treated to a breathtaking 360 degree view of the surrounding African landscape.

Visitors from around the world will be welcomed with a message of peace, compassion, and inspired hope while celebrating the cradle of civilization, home of the diverse beauty of the human family, and symbol of Africa… the Mother of Humanity®.

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