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Chairman’s Message

Humanity has made remarkable advancements, showcasing its potential at its finest. Examples include agriculture, electricity, airplanes, space travel, the internet, computers, cellphones, and numerous breakthroughs in science and medicine. However, amidst these achievements, humanity has also been responsible for horrifying atrocities, revealing its worst side. Wars, the slave trade, torture, genocide, racism, terrorism, pedophilia, and animal and environmental abuses are some examples of these horrendous acts.

In response to such atrocities, determined actions are being taken with the motto “Never Again,” as the conscience of humanity compels us to live in harmony with all sentient beings. This understanding has been expressed through the teachings of major world religions, human rights organizations, solidarity among nations, international tribunals, humanitarian aid, protests, marches, and more. Yet, despite these efforts, malevolent intentions persist, and human behavior continues to be influenced by greed, fear, envy, jealousy, and hatred. The reason for this lies in the fact that while these achievements have propelled the external progress of modern humans, they have failed to foster internal development. In essence, we have become great at what we do, but not in who we are.

To create a potentially better future, it is imperative for us as human beings to embark on an introspective journey towards higher spiritual consciousness. We must cultivate essential human qualities, such as loving-kindness, in order to expand our internal selves. By aligning our actions with our true nature, we can choose an alternate part of ourselves to create an alternate way of life. This transformative process is essential for our collective well-being and growth. A symbol that embodies this new path has been developed. It is the Mother of Humanity® Monument. I invite you to join The Mother of Humanity® Monument Foundation as we inspire the entire human family to embrace our humanity, leading us on a journey towards peace and harmony.