There are seven exhibits on the first floor. Each exhibit is housed in a semi-circular room and corresponds to one of the seven symbols of the Mother of Humanity® monument.

The visitor to the museum can have a tour guide or a pre-recorded self tour. Tour guides will be proficient in several languages. The recorded self tour will offer a narrative in one of a half dozen African, European, or Asian languages.

The museum and exhibits also provide an international hub for resources on human rights issues and campaigning. Below are examples of three of the seven museums and exhibits.

1. The Planet Earth Exhibit

MoH Exhibit 1 of 7 on Geology

  • The main theme of the Planet Earth Exhibit is geology. This theme ties in with the right breast of the Mother of Humanity® monument which is an allegory for the continent as “mother” with all of the natural resources found beneath her soil. These raw minerals from Africa have enriched and nourished all nations on Earth.

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art media technology, the Planet Earth Exhibit features a special interactive section for visitors to learn about strategic minerals in Africa such as gold, diamonds, coltan, copper, and zinc and how they are extracted from the earth and used around the world.

  • Other components of the exhibit explores the current state of the finite resources around the planet including oil, timber and water.

  • In the center of the exhibit is a large, transparent, holographic globe of the Earth. As it slowly rotates, it displays real time data about mining, logging and drilling activities around the world.

  • Sensors (in the pineal dot on the monument’s forehead) such as the Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) developed at NASA, collects data that measures cloud, aerosol, and atmospheric change

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