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Mother of Humanity®

Council of Advisors

Timothy Watkins

President and CEO
Watts Labor Community
Action Committee

Dieter Wiesner

Business Management
Michael Jackson

Orland Bishop

Shade Tree

Dr. James V. Burks

Founding Director African Marketplace,
Inc. and Cultural Faire

Anthony Browder

Founder and Director
IKG Cultural Resources

Dr. Anil R. Sutar

Ram Sutar Art Creations PVT. LTD.

Allohn Agbenya

DirectorPan African Film & Arts Festival

Dexter Caffey

Founder and CEO
Smart Eye Technology, Inc.


A Woman of Prophetic Vision,
Inspiration and Song

Angela E. Oh

Civil Rights: Mediation/Conflict Resolution

Ebenezer Essoka

Executive Chairman IBURU